Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carnation Creme Carmel's

Tis the season! These Carmel's are the best!
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 cups dark Karo syrup
3 mini cans of Carnation evaporated milk
Pinch of salt
Boil together sugar, syrup, salt and butter to a clear consistency. Add evaporated milk gradually as not to stop the boiling. Cook to 242 degrees, stirring constantly. Pour into a greased flat pan and cool. When cool, cut into squares and wrap individually in specialty papers or wax paper.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chip Board Recipe Collection

Organization, organization, orgainization...how can your greatest passion be your greatest challenge at the same time! Well, it is just that for me with some things! For some time I have been undecided as to how to organize my recipes. I did have them all in a cute little Longaberger basket...but that was a number of years ago...I think I just wanted to do something different. I'm very excited to be getting a handwritten book from my mom for Christmas this year with all of my favorites from growing up...but then what about my personal collection? As you can see from the photo, I put together a fun little paper-covered chip board holder for my collection. I love it and it was fun to pick out papers that I just loved! I'm thinking I might get questions...so here you have it:
-Used 4x6 chip board (cut paper 5x7 to cover)
-Used Tombow mono multi liquid glue (you need a good glue)
-I printed the "my Recipe collection" on the computer
-I typed my recipes and ran 4x6 blank recipe cards through my printer (it is the same as A6)
-The tabs for my pages were cut from a Stampin Up punch
Don't forget to write where you got your recipes! It is fun to look back at your own personal collection and see how your family and friends have shaped your cooking and baking!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Leaves in Wax

Here's the post as a result of yesterdays blogging and crafting time! It's amazing all the fun things you can find and learn to do by just reading others blogs. Find your favorites and their favorites will soon be yours!
I learned the craft of waxing leaves! It is so simple, you just go collect leaves from outside and heat up a little paraffin wax (use an old pan or a tin-foil pan that you can throw away when you are done) Layout newspaper covered with wax paper and begin dipping the leaves. Be sure they are fully covered and allow them to drip a bit before laying them on the paper.
They are beautiful and look like something you would purchase at Michaels or another craft store.
I used them on my table decoration!
Hurry...before the leaves a gone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Downtime at my house

It’s a wonderful day at my house today...it is only 7:30 in the morning, but it is Saturday of a weekend that I have no commitments. My life has been anything but quiet and boring for quite some time and I have been longing for a weekend like this. Please don’t get me wrong, I love to run and do things and be with family and friends...those are the BEST of times! I love to create memories of those good times as well! I think I am sometimes my worst enemy in that I want to just live life to it’s fullest and sometimes it just catches up to me.

So, this weekend I helped a friend on Friday with a digital storybook to save the memories of her recent trip to Disney with her sweet friend, I went for a wonderful Fall walk and great catch-up conversation with a good girlfriend, I sorted through all of my CDs that I have collected over the years and today I am going to continue going through my house doing those little things that get neglected by being so busy. Cleaning and most importantly “organizing” is enjoyable to me, when I have the time!

I woke up early, as I generally do, and of course checked my email and facebook and then decided to catch up on my favorite blogs. I got some very cute and sweet ideas for fall crafting projects...so when I am well into my cleaning and organizing today, you can just guess where my break from that will be spent! I may even bake some cookies before the day is up!

While this is probably my first post ever without a photo...just wait...I feel the need to create a new blog header and share photos of what my day and weekend will bring!

Happy Fall and Halloween!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Candy Corn or Corn Candy...Yellow Orange White or Orange Yellow White

The candy corn or corn candy, yellow orange white or orange yellow white debate it on!
What is it? Is one correct and the other incorrect?
It seems it is a forever question as to what is this candy called and what color is really on the bottom of it? Just when I bought a bag of candy, knit this cute little baby hat, I was asked by a friend the order of the color and I so confidently said orange on the bottom and only to come home and see that I was not correct...well, at least according to my candy!
And then, WHO cares? Candy corn is a yummy source of SUGAR! and it is CUTE as ever!!!
Have a sweet candy corn sort of day!!!
Happy Fall!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer...Watermellon...Toddler Hat...

It's been a while since I have blogged...why? I just don't know. It seems that my blog entries center around a photo (How I love photographing those little passions!) and it has certainly not been for a lack of photos. The Spring and Summer have been filled with events and making of memories. I might just back track and fill you in on some of the happenings! For now, I think Fall is in the air! I feel the spark of "projects" coming upon me! In taking in the Minnesota State Fair, I found a very cute little hat pattern that I could not resist making. While I was knitting, the thought came to me that this would be so sweet for a little one that is going through cancer treatments. So, I would like to ask for you to help me find that sweet little one that I may send this little watermellon hat to. If you know someone personally or if you are a nurse or doctor that would help me get this to some sweet little girl...I would love your help! I believe it would fit most 2 year olds...if you know a little one a little older, just let me know and I will make one just a little bigger.
While summer is coming to an end, enjoy your family, making memories and don't forget the watermellon!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paper Pin Wheels and a Picket Fence

How fun it was to learn to make pin wheels from paper! What a sweet little birthday surprise for a friend at the end of the month! Supplies are double sided paper, brads, bbq sticks and a little ribbon and a pot for putting them together! Another picket-fence sort of photo shoot! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flower Show

My camera has been a bit busy lately! You have to look at my Spring Flower show post...just back a few posts! Wow-has this flower show taken on a different look! The gardeners do a fantastic job of maintaining the flowers. Note the change in color in the hydrangea....they are controlling that by how they treat the soil...per the volunteer at the conservatory! It is amazing!

Easter is coming...is Winter too?

While I am so looking forward to Spring really really being here, you must find the beauty and fun in the snow with just a week before a "late season" Easter! God just knows how to make that snow land on my fence! It just gives me happy thoughts and makes me smile! I hope you enjoy the attached photos!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Preparations

The Easter Grass is planted! Years ago I remember seeing Martha Stewart plant Easter Grass for decor for the holiday. I have always wanted to do this and this year I DID IT! You may ask, "what is Easter Grass" and "How do you grow it?" It is actually called wheat grass and I am told it will grow in about any type of soil. It will take only 2-3 days for it to sprout! It should be looking good by Easter Sunday! I plan to tie a bow around the claypot and then use them for decor!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Flower Show 2011

My love for Spring-time is unfolding as the days go by! It seems that life has been busy and I while I am doing things, going places, taking photos and MAKING MEMORIES!!!, I have been away from my blog for a bit! Here's a little catch-up to share with you! I have been to the Como Conservatory Spring Flower show 3 times already! I love it...and find it a great thing to do with any of my friends that desire to go! (Ok...it is me asking them! But they love it too!) I am going with one more friend next weekend to see the Easter Lillys added to the display! Or should I say to smell the Easter Lillys! If you have not ever been to the show....take it in! You will not regret spending the time! Enjoy my memories from this years show!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring and Easter are in the Air

It's February , and March is just around the corner. The days are getting longer and that means that Spring & Easter are just around the corner as well! Without a doubt, Spring & Easter is my favorite time of year and the season is just beginning! So think Spring, shop for summer clothes, eat jelly beans, peeps and all those other wonderful treats! (Looking at them at the store is as much fun as eating them...just ask my sisters!) Think Spring!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Twins +1 Photo Session

Check out my web site to see more of this fun fun fun session!!!
Enter the "Twins" folder to see more of this session.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decorative Pancakes

The day could not end without some sort of food art! I got this idea from a Rachel Ray show. I rarely rarely make pancakes...so if you have pancake making down...this would be a breeze! Never-the-less, how fun to make your pancake batter, add a little food coloring, put in Wilton squeeze bottles and create away! I will have to perfect my technique before the next great niece and nephew sleep over! The recipe is just one from the internet. I think any pancake mix would work fine! The bottles are 2 for $1.99 at Michaels.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Favorite Slipper Socks

You are all probably thinking this is silly! Let me tell you, I LOVE these slipper socks! I've never been a slipper person, but I love my feet to be warm and this is it!!! (Thank you sister #1 for sharing this with me!) Ok, where to you buy them? Walmart and they are in the diabetic section and sell for $3.00 a pair. I also found them at Bed Bath and Beyond! I'm collecting them now...I have four pair and they are always coming from the laundry! They come with "aloe" and with that, they almost seem a little bit slippery at first, so be careful to not slip on your stairs! After just a couple of washings they are the best! Just a fun favorite of mine that I wanted to share with you!
A fun session with M, E & T
Spring "Live Bunny" sessions coming soon!

Bow Maker

How many times do you go to tie the "perfect" bow and find that they sometimes turn out a little less than perfect. Check out this little gadget that my sister gave me. (her husband made it) The bow on the canning jar is made on the widest setting of the bow maker. Oh, and do note that Easter and Spring is just around the corner! The Hershey eggs are out at Cub foods! Canning jars are something you probably have on a shelf and make a great candy jar! Happy early Spring!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cold/Hot Packs

Project night strikes again! Tonight it is Cold/Hot Packs! These are the best for many reasons...you can see from the label the many uses. My favorite is simply to place in the microwave on a cold Winter's night and place around my neck to take the chill off! I have various prints of cotton and flannel and sell the packs for just $7.00. Lightly scented with lavender.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Cookies (My mom's recipe)

My projects and baking just keep happening! With Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I thought I would make cut out cookies to share at work tomorrow. I'm super excited, I have always thought of cut out cookies as being hard to make. Hard to roll out evenly...the question of really how thick or thin should they be...how do you make them without getting too much flour worked into them...how do you get them off the counter and on the pan without distorting them... Ok, honestly, this is the "perfectionist" part of my personality coming out loud and clear! Today, however, I stumbled across the answers to all of these! (And NO, I didn't Google it...I just fell upon the right things and it worked!) So, let me share...

1. Start with my mom's recipe. Don't try a different one every time! Your mom always knows best...don't mess with a good thing when you have it!

2. Chill the dough...let me say again CHILL THE DOUGH!

3. Roll the cookies out on the "Bethany Pastry Cloth and board." You might ask what this is...it is the round board with the canvas cover for making lefse, pies, cookies, pizza crust... You can find them on line or at a good old fashioned hardware store.

4. How do you get them perfectly 1/4 inch thick!!! Go to Michaels or the lumber store and buy 2 wooden sticks 1/4 of an inch thik...As you are rolling out your dough...place one on each side of the ball of dough and roll until your rolling pin hits the wood!

4. Bake the cookies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Wishing you all a "Happy Valentines Day" and "Happy Cut-out Cookie Baking" the next time you do it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hand Knit Socks

The Fall of 2010 was the start of a "roll" for me with little projects! It seemed that it had been a number of years since I had really embraced all the little "lost art" things that I had learned in highschool and into my young adult life. What do I mean by "lost art"? By this I mean sewing, embroidering, knitting...and various craft projects! Yes, I do them from time to time, but I have been loving them a little more of late! A couple of weeks ago I made a cute tote bag and this week I started knittng my "first ever" hand knit socks! I started and took it all apart and today started again! This time, it looks great so far! I'm excited, but this is the easy part! I hope I can do the foot portion. They will be fun if I am successful til the end!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lemon Water and Your Diet

It's that time of year when it seems that the "masses" are on some sort of a diet or another! While I thought I would never find myself in this place in my life, I am there! I would like to think of 100 reasons why I am there. (Or should I say excuses-but I will not go there because I once heard that excuses are for those who need them!) No excuses needed here...just the facts that I LOVE SUGAR! As I start a new day again today I still love sugar and just day dream of what I could have for a treat. (They don't call me Auntie Treat for no reason at all!) Truth be told I learned of a new diet (Not extrememly big in MN yet) called the HCG diet! It's tough, but it works! What is my biggest lesson so far...cheating doesn't fit in, 3.5 ounces of meat (That we should all be eating) is NOT very much (But it is enough!) and tea and lemon water help alot! I have had many people ask about this diet...so I thought I would share. If you would like to learn more about it, check out this website. I spoke with Tamera on Friday and she is happy to help others if you are interested! http://www.hcgmagicdrops.com/

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pillows for Missions

Pillows for Missions, you may ask, "What is this all about?"
Just about 2-3 weeks prior to Christmas while making a pillow case for my bed-pillow, the thoughts came to me as to how simple and quick the pillow cases were to make and just how cute they are. The next thoughts were to make pillow cases and stuff them with a pillow for the homeless. We did just that! I shared the idea and by Christmas we had 54 pillows with beautiful pillow cases to share with the women and children's shelter at the Union Gospel Mission in downtown St. Paul, MN. It was such a well received donation/gift that we have decided to continue on with the mission! Things keep happening that just tell me that God truly has his had on this mission. One example is the stack of fabric in the photo here was purchased at the Mill End wearhouse and while I was somewhat watching what the total would be...I was not fully adding it up. I got up to the register and it was $29.90 worth of fabric and I had a donation of $30.00 for the mission! If you would like to contribute toward the mission in any way, please let me know! You can donate $$, you can donate fabric, you can sew or you can even donate pillows! (We are getting the pillows at Target or Walmart for only $2.50 each!) Prayers are asked for God's continued blessing on this mission!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Curling Iron Bag-A Fun Package in the Mail

How fun was it to find a package from my mom in the mail today!
While I was visiting my parents, I had cut out these curling iron bags. While I cut them out, my mom said, "I could sew them for you!" Of course that was an offer I could not turn down! She does a beautiful job with all of her projects! I thought I could get them on my next visit and instead my mom mailed them to me! How fun! My mom makes these cute bags and is selling them. Should you so someone you know like one, please let me know! They are great for quick packing while traveling and for use at home!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Chocolate with the Sisters

It was bitterly cold yesterday! Upon arriving to my sisters house, we had planned to go out for a walk and little photoshoot as we LOVE to do! We both landed some fun photos for our websites and blog and decided to warm up with some hot chocolate. Of course, we could not settle for just hot chocolate. So, off to Walmart to get the ingredients! Yes, it was packets of hot chocolate, but as you can see, it was new cute mugs, marshmallows and cream and then we tried out Debbie's Pampered Chef grinder for the Hershey chocolate. The Pampered Chef grinder is a MUST! I am ordering my very own this week! I'm sure I can find other uses for it as well! Don't forget to do these so very simple things in life! We had the best of times and made memories as sisters!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journaling Notebook

I wonder if you are like me??? Do you like cute paper, cute ribbon, little notebooks...
I love them all! I especially love what you can put inside of those little notebooks. I have many at my house, but my favorite is the one that has the most inside.
My favorite little notebook just got an upgrade! It was getting messy, just too small and it is the New Year and I simply wanted to make a new one! You can put whatever you want inside. My notebook has the following so far:

-List of 100 things that make me happy
-List of things that make me sad (this list is very short)
-List of my favorite fonts for digital scrapbooking
-List of APS for the IPAD (which I can hardly wait for version 2 to come out)
-Tutorials for digital scrapbooking
-Jesus things (Will the road you are on get you to my place? God)
-Favorite quotes (Enjoy this moment-This moment is your life and It's the little things in life that are important, for one day you will find that the little things are the big things!)
-Health and exercise (Complexity stresses us-Simplicity Blesses us! Bill Bohline)
You can use whatever little notebook you can find. Don't go too small-you'll soon be going bigger! But don't go too big that you can't just stick it in your purse or tote bag and take it along with you! I made mine by covering a composition notebook with cute papers and ribbons!
Somedays I can be relaxing and just get lost in the contents of my little notebook!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mocha Torte Cake aka Cindy's Birthday Cake

You asked for it and here it is! I will be coming to your house if you make it!

Birthdays Bring Good Things

This post is a little late, oh, am I forgetting that I just started blogging in January and my birthday is December 31st! Just the same, I have to share this photo and a bit about it!
I am blessed each year of my life to have spent my birthday with my family! Sometime in my teen years the tradition began that my mom would make my birthday cake. Just one year of my life have I not been with my mom on New Years and my older sister stepped in and made "The Cake!"
The cake is a chocolate mocha-torte. The receipe came from my cousin's grandmother.
This is the very best cake-torte that I have ever had! My goal is to learn to make it myself...until then, my mom has a loving task each New Years Eve day! (I think she doesn't mind making it)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am a photographer who loves to capture memories!

A Smile Happens in a Flash,

but Memories can last a Life Time

Here are a few highlights from 2010 in the life of Simplicity Photography by cindy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice Lantern How To

In our traditional visit to welcome Santa Clause at Bachman's Floral in Richfield, we stumbled across this Ice Lantern mold. It is such a fun thing to make for the holidays. I had so much fun making them that I ended up gifting them to friends for their Christmas decor. The mold was just under $11.00 and after Christmas I picked up a few more for only $2.74. You gotta love a sale!!! I'm brainstorming what can go into a lantern for Valentines Day and will have so much fun with this again next Christmas! Check out this website: www.articicelantern.com It is as simple as using a hot glue gun to secure the items you choose to freeze in your lantern and then fill it up with water and freeze. The website has good instructions.

A Snowy Winter

What could be more fun than to discover a snowman on your weber grill! (Ok, we helped him to appear there!)