Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthdays Bring Good Things

This post is a little late, oh, am I forgetting that I just started blogging in January and my birthday is December 31st! Just the same, I have to share this photo and a bit about it!
I am blessed each year of my life to have spent my birthday with my family! Sometime in my teen years the tradition began that my mom would make my birthday cake. Just one year of my life have I not been with my mom on New Years and my older sister stepped in and made "The Cake!"
The cake is a chocolate mocha-torte. The receipe came from my cousin's grandmother.
This is the very best cake-torte that I have ever had! My goal is to learn to make it myself...until then, my mom has a loving task each New Years Eve day! (I think she doesn't mind making it)


  1. You should post the recipe (unless it's a family secret)!

  2. You can't tantalize us with just the picture, and not the recipe!

  3. Uh, yeah, can't post and tease us about it without giving us the recipe!!!

  4. I know for a fact it is one YUMMY cake! Note to mention that your Digital Page is "adorable"! Thanks for inspiring me! :) LOve YOU!