Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journaling Notebook

I wonder if you are like me??? Do you like cute paper, cute ribbon, little notebooks...
I love them all! I especially love what you can put inside of those little notebooks. I have many at my house, but my favorite is the one that has the most inside.
My favorite little notebook just got an upgrade! It was getting messy, just too small and it is the New Year and I simply wanted to make a new one! You can put whatever you want inside. My notebook has the following so far:

-List of 100 things that make me happy
-List of things that make me sad (this list is very short)
-List of my favorite fonts for digital scrapbooking
-List of APS for the IPAD (which I can hardly wait for version 2 to come out)
-Tutorials for digital scrapbooking
-Jesus things (Will the road you are on get you to my place? God)
-Favorite quotes (Enjoy this moment-This moment is your life and It's the little things in life that are important, for one day you will find that the little things are the big things!)
-Health and exercise (Complexity stresses us-Simplicity Blesses us! Bill Bohline)
You can use whatever little notebook you can find. Don't go too small-you'll soon be going bigger! But don't go too big that you can't just stick it in your purse or tote bag and take it along with you! I made mine by covering a composition notebook with cute papers and ribbons!
Somedays I can be relaxing and just get lost in the contents of my little notebook!


  1. Love it! You are taking to the blogging thing like a duck to water!

  2. I always have a notebook with me. BUt I don't just have one special one. I tend to have whichever one I can find - so I have lists going in several at a time. But, my kids have been trained to bring them to me when they find them! I actually tend to panic a bit if I don't have it with me....just in case!!!