Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Cookies (My mom's recipe)

My projects and baking just keep happening! With Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I thought I would make cut out cookies to share at work tomorrow. I'm super excited, I have always thought of cut out cookies as being hard to make. Hard to roll out evenly...the question of really how thick or thin should they do you make them without getting too much flour worked into do you get them off the counter and on the pan without distorting them... Ok, honestly, this is the "perfectionist" part of my personality coming out loud and clear! Today, however, I stumbled across the answers to all of these! (And NO, I didn't Google it...I just fell upon the right things and it worked!) So, let me share...

1. Start with my mom's recipe. Don't try a different one every time! Your mom always knows best...don't mess with a good thing when you have it!

2. Chill the dough...let me say again CHILL THE DOUGH!

3. Roll the cookies out on the "Bethany Pastry Cloth and board." You might ask what this is the round board with the canvas cover for making lefse, pies, cookies, pizza crust... You can find them on line or at a good old fashioned hardware store.

4. How do you get them perfectly 1/4 inch thick!!! Go to Michaels or the lumber store and buy 2 wooden sticks 1/4 of an inch thik...As you are rolling out your one on each side of the ball of dough and roll until your rolling pin hits the wood!

4. Bake the cookies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Wishing you all a "Happy Valentines Day" and "Happy Cut-out Cookie Baking" the next time you do it!


  1. So, where is your mom's recipe????

  2. Kayla, after my full day in the you think I can find the little piece of paper with the recipe? I can't! I just emailed my mom for it. As soon as I get it I will email or blog it! You will love them!!