Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Leaves in Wax

Here's the post as a result of yesterdays blogging and crafting time! It's amazing all the fun things you can find and learn to do by just reading others blogs. Find your favorites and their favorites will soon be yours!
I learned the craft of waxing leaves! It is so simple, you just go collect leaves from outside and heat up a little paraffin wax (use an old pan or a tin-foil pan that you can throw away when you are done) Layout newspaper covered with wax paper and begin dipping the leaves. Be sure they are fully covered and allow them to drip a bit before laying them on the paper.
They are beautiful and look like something you would purchase at Michaels or another craft store.
I used them on my table decoration!
Hurry...before the leaves a gone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Downtime at my house

It’s a wonderful day at my house is only 7:30 in the morning, but it is Saturday of a weekend that I have no commitments. My life has been anything but quiet and boring for quite some time and I have been longing for a weekend like this. Please don’t get me wrong, I love to run and do things and be with family and friends...those are the BEST of times! I love to create memories of those good times as well! I think I am sometimes my worst enemy in that I want to just live life to it’s fullest and sometimes it just catches up to me.

So, this weekend I helped a friend on Friday with a digital storybook to save the memories of her recent trip to Disney with her sweet friend, I went for a wonderful Fall walk and great catch-up conversation with a good girlfriend, I sorted through all of my CDs that I have collected over the years and today I am going to continue going through my house doing those little things that get neglected by being so busy. Cleaning and most importantly “organizing” is enjoyable to me, when I have the time!

I woke up early, as I generally do, and of course checked my email and facebook and then decided to catch up on my favorite blogs. I got some very cute and sweet ideas for fall crafting when I am well into my cleaning and organizing today, you can just guess where my break from that will be spent! I may even bake some cookies before the day is up!

While this is probably my first post ever without a photo...just wait...I feel the need to create a new blog header and share photos of what my day and weekend will bring!

Happy Fall and Halloween!