Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!
Life was busy for me before Christmas, but it is the craziest ever for me right now with some big and I mean really big initiatives at my how do I maintain a balance? I don't really really know. Some days I feel incredibally successful at it and other days I feel like I fail miserably!
What do I try to do?
-Lean on my faith in Jesus...amazing how my days differ when I am right with Jesus and when I am not. When I think I can do it all myself and when I give it up to HIM! Why do I think for 2 seconds that I can really control life?
-Get enough sleep! Not getting enough sleep is a big stress! But, a sweet friend just told me you can ger too much sleep I guess you need to figure that out for your own little self.
-Simplify life! De-clutter your house, your work space, your life! Keep what you need and get rid of what you don't need! Nurture the relationships in your life that matter. Maybe reconsider those that, as my sister would say, "steal your joy!"
-Spend time with your family, friends and loved ones!
-Enjoy the simple things in life! A walk in the fresh snow, that is if MN gets snow this Winter! Watching a movie, even one you have seen over and over, all curled up with a clean, freshly washed, Tide & Downey smelling blanket!...what ever brings puts you in a calm happy place!
-Do lunch on the spur of the moment with a friend
-Bake cookies and share them with your neighbors!
-Oh, and read others blogs, look at Pinterest or other things you love and that inspire you! I am loving this right now! If you don't follow blogs, start following mine...I may be inspired to keep up with it more, find one you enjoy! By all means, join Pinterest! It is the best of what ever interests YOU!!!
This posting is for me as much as I wanted to share it with you...a refocus on life is always good after a busy week and at the beginning of a new year!

So Blessings to your New 2012 Year!

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