Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!
This Valentines Day seems a bit different to me...I'm in a very busy season of my life it seems. Not quite sure where the year has gone so far. Generally, I host a sister, nieces (an occasional nephew) Valentine pizza party. This year, I hardly got my Valentine cards made...say nothing about sending them out. I had a great idea of making cut out heart cookies and next I got a cold...so saving my friends from sharing of my cold...my cookies will be much post-Valentines Day! I am all set to make them and they will be ever so so so cute!
Just have to share a very fun thing that happened to me...you can see from the photo, I got a new laptop. No more worries of loosing things! Oh, when the screen goes black for no reason (I don't understand why...shouldn't they last forever?) my heart just sinks...thank goodness I haven't lost anything! For the fun part...I purchased a computer case/cover and discovered that it was too big. Off I went to return it...who would guess that I would find one at Best Buy that fits my computer like a glove and it was less than 1/2 of the price! Have you shopped for computer cases lately? They seem to sell for 25-50$...my new one $9.99 and it is nice! It didn't come with the charms...that is from Miche. Next time you need a computer case...check out Best Buy!
Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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