Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apple Cobbler Quilt

It seems one sewing project just gets me excited to begin another!  I started with little projects of potholder, mini quilted bags, a totebag and finishing a quilt top to shopping from quilt store to quilt store until I found just what I liked for a new quilt throw.  With my love for Pinterst, I found the “Apple Cobbler” quilt pattern and just adored it!  It is simple, but I think it will be darling with the fabrics I found.  With my lack of experience in quilting, I needed to figure out exactly how this was going to be layed out.  I am super excited about how I did this.  For those of you who have not followed my blog, digital scrapbooking is a love of mine.   I use the Creative Memories Storybook Creator software for my digital scrapbooking.  Tonight I used the software to design my new quilt top!  How exciting is that!  I wonder if Creative Memories has marketed their software for quilt making!  So, I started by scanning in my actual fabrics and then saving them as a “personal collection.”  I was next able to place the digital fabric in the template to reflect the true look of my quilt to come!  If you are a quilter and do not have this software, it is wonderful!  You can contact my sister Debbie at if you would like to purchase the software!  I must get back to sewing!  The fabrics actually scanned in much darker than the fabrics actually look so my quilt will actually be a little lighter in color!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camille's Bag pattern by Penny Sturges

My sewings projects continue on!  I picked up this pattern by Penny Sturges, called Camille's Bag.  ps013 and the fabric at a quilting shop in Mesa, AZ.  I thought the pattern was darling, while I just omitted the key ring, I love it!  It is the most adorable bag I have made yet!  I was a little nervous at first, as reading a pattern really isn't a strong point for me in my sewing and I wished there would have been more photos to confirm I was doing things correctly.  Now that I am done, I would tell you that I would definately purchace another Penny Sturge's pattern.  She does a great job of taking you through each step.  I bought beautiful quilting fabric and after spending 7 + hours sewing the bag (I am a perfectionist...and rip alot if it isn't just right!)  I am so happy that I spent the money on the fabric!  If you are looking for a fun half day's project, sew this bag.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pot Holder for Mug or Bowl (use in the mircrowave)

Here it is!  Never burn your fingers again when taking a hot bowl or mug out of the microwave.  The idea of this was shared by a simple it was to make.  The trick is to use 100% cotton products so that it does not start on fire in the mircrowave.  I can hardly wait to make more of these!

Projects of a Stay-cation

It's been awhile once again since I have blogged!  That's what happens when life takes over everything!  While life is good and I am feeling very blessed in some many ways, I am most thankful tonight some much needed "down-time!"  What does this look like for me...a week at home (first time ever that I am taking vacation time and not going on a vacation)  I love to travel and see and do I can't see myself making this a regular thing...but, this week, I am loving it!  As you can see, it is cleaning and organizing, pie making and project week for me besides staying up later than I normally do, staying in my pajamas longer than I ever have time for, taking a nap if I feel like it and watching tv (which I never do).  The sewing project tonight was the tiny little lined bagged, which is for a little first aid kit.  I made it to coordinate with the bag I made a while ago.  You better like sewing tiny things if you want to make this tiny little thing!  Here's the website if you want to make one too!  Hopefully it will not be so long between blogs going forward!