Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Projects of a Stay-cation

It's been awhile once again since I have blogged!  That's what happens when life takes over everything!  While life is good and I am feeling very blessed in some many ways, I am most thankful tonight some much needed "down-time!"  What does this look like for me...a week at home (first time ever that I am taking vacation time and not going on a vacation)  I love to travel and see and do things...so I can't see myself making this a regular thing...but, this week, I am loving it!  As you can see, it is cleaning and organizing, pie making and project week for me besides staying up later than I normally do, staying in my pajamas longer than I ever have time for, taking a nap if I feel like it and watching tv (which I never do).  The sewing project tonight was the tiny little lined bagged, which is for a little first aid kit.  I made it to coordinate with the bag I made a while ago.  You better like sewing tiny things if you want to make this tiny little thing!  Here's the website if you want to make one too!  Hopefully it will not be so long between blogs going forward! 


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