Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watermelon Quilt

It's kind of funny how projects change as you begin them!  I started with purchasing the pink and green fabric to make "watermelon" placemats.  Hmmm!  Thought was good until I realized I don't even use placemats.  So, what would be the point in making them if I were never going use them.  Well, once again my Pintersting led me to yet another very fun project!  This is the DIY Dish Vintage quilt or the YoYoMamma's Vintage quilt.  Just a little hint, if you see a pattern and look long enough (actually doesn't take much time at all) you will find it on the web for free!  I recommend to watch the video on and you will be on your way to sewing this darling quilt!  Be sure to finish your project by washing it in your favorite laundry soap and fabric softner and watch the vintage look come to life!  I have to put the binding on my quilt yet, but then it will be ready to be used and loved by ME!

Positively Splendid


  1. How much fabric did it take you to make this quilt? I am looking to make a bigger quilt than the one they were making. Thanks for any input.

  2. I am away from home right now...but my gridded out squares were 4inch and the rag squares were 3 inch. I did make the outside circle 1/2 inch less to gain more for the boarder. It's one of those projects that you can just do the math on the size square to determine your end desired size. It is a fun one to make! I would love to see what your quilt turns out like! Please share!