Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life Balance

It's another beautiful Fall day in Minnesota!  I know so many people that "love" the Fall of the year!  For those of you who know me, my true LOVE has been Spring!  I love the "new life" of the season and there is probably not one thing about Spring that does not fit into my love category!  However, maybe it is getting a little older, while I still love Spring, I am discovering a love for Fall as well!  I'm telling you, days like yesterday and today could last forever!

I look at my blog postings and I see that it was over a year ago since I last posted!  In looking back, not too much has changed til now!  That gives you just a little glimpse into what my life has been like for the past year!  Busy, that is!  Busy is not always good and after a few headaches and other little medical things,  my life is on a journey for balance!  I have coined it as work-life balance!  It feels as though the year has passed me by, even though I went through the motions of much of it!  Enough, enough, enough...I am out to regain the "Joy" in the simple things in life that really do tell you a lot about who I am!  Knowing that true Joy comes from Lord, I am reminded that “with God, all things are possible!” 

This beautiful Fall weekend has allowed me to be outside, I actually went for a run last night, biked today and then as a good friend was walking by...I joined her for a walk around the lake!  Last night I stopped to pile rocks...there is something peaceful about it!  I could hardly wait to share it with my sweet friend Margie as we were walking! It has a message of peace and balance.  It is one thing to see this, but it is a whole different thing to stop and take the time to do it!  I encourage you the next time you are near water to look for those flat stackable rocks and create your own balance of rocks!  I am so sure you will experience that same peaceful feeling!

Enjoy these wonderful days!

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